Thank you 
TESCO'S LETTERKENNY For choosing Donegal Pet Rescue 
As one of your local charitys in the Tesco Letterkenny Community Fund programme

Thank you !!

How the #tescocommunityfund Programme Works :

Tescos Letterkenny will place a collection unit with 3 collection cylinders at the front of their store. These boxes are not for money, but for Tesco Community Fund tokens. Then, over the 6 weeks of the campaign, customers will be given a Tesco Community Fund token with each transaction in the store, and will be asked to vote by placing that token into their chosen local good causes’ cylinder at the front of the store.
At the end of the six weeks, Tesco will count the tokens in each box, and a €1,000/€500 donation will be divided between Donegal Pet Rescue and Little Angels School and Donegal Hospice . The amount of the donation received for each charity will be proportionate to the amount of tokens they recieve in their collection cylinder.
Its that simple so please if you shop in TESCOS LETTERKENNY please consider Donegal Pet Rescue as your local community charity 
Help us spread the word of this wonderful event by using the hashtag #tescocommunityfund

Thank you for Helping  Us Help  Them

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